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Read a label

To make the best choice, first understand the label ! The different mentions on olive oil label may seem complex : here are some explanations to learn more about the product you want to buy. See more

Tasting : the basics

How to taste? When ? Where ? The tasting allows us to appreciate the quality of food, in terms of personal tastes, typicality or technicality. Learn more about olive oil tasting ! Learn more



Find restaurants which use and promote Olive oils and Olives from the South of France. Thanks to a map, discover where to find these restaurants ! Discover !


TARTE tomates cerises

Cherry tomatoes pie with traditional olive oil taste

Summer is coming ! Try this cherry tomatoes pie made with black olives and two different olive oil tastes, bon appétit ! The recipe

Fruit salad with a subtle olive oil

What a surprising mix ! Just add some drops of a subtle olive oil, it will give nice aromas to your dessert. Have a try ! The recipe

Prepare your stay

Prepare your stay from Nice to Perpignan, via Nyons, the South of France delights you with its olives, olive oils and other olive products.  Learn more

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